Reducing the Dependence on the Founder

  Most business owners and founders often spend several decades building their establishments from the ground up. They devote nearly every single minute to their businesses by doing the following: Perfecting processes Building impressive customer relationships Recruiting, training, and re-training employees Developing culture Finding additional ways to boost revenue. In other words, no other person […]

The Importance of Not Being Overly Dependent On Any One Client

  It usually begins somewhat casually. You secure a contract to work with a client from Heaven. They are so impressed by your work that they renew the contract or even opt to work with you on a retainer basis. The client soon becomes 30 percent, then 50 percent, and even up to 80 percent […]

6 Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses (outside of spending money)

          As we continue to watch the world shift around me, my goal remains the same, to leverage the power of the black economy to create sustainable change. In order to do this we must work collectively and support each other’s businesses consistently on a large scale. Going out and buying […]

How To Defy Expectations and Become the Entrepreneur You Want to Be

  Doing what others expect you to do could be keeping you from who you’re meant to be. Most people spend the first chunk of their lives trying to fulfill someone else’s expectations. You’re trying to be studious for your parents, athletic for your coach, or cool for your friends. You follow the path from high […]

A Strong Mentorship Relationship Can Change Your Business and Your Life

As the founder of PRIMUS Business Management, I have provided support to countless small businesses over the years. In all of my work, my goal has always been to empower entrepreneurs to see their businesses as the centers for economic growth in their communities. A successful local business can reduce poverty, change a neighborhood, and […]

Turning Setbacks into Stepping Stones

    In my previous post, I encouraged you not to fret in the face of setbacks. I’m glad you haven’t given up because if you have, you wouldn’t be here now. So, how do you turn your business setbacks into stepping stones? You need two things: a positive attitude and action. If you are […]

Don’t Fret Over Setbacks and Obstacles

Are you currently battling with a setback in your business? I think I can speak for a lot of business owners when I say that Covid-19, is a setback for many small business owners. Right now non-essential business has halted and you may have lost many customers due to no fault of your own. Maybe […]

Dream Big…Now BIGGER

Where would you like to see your business in the next 10 or 20 years? Have you given that a thought? As an entrepreneur, you need a dream, something strong enough to keep you in business regardless of whatever situation arises. One of the reasons people become successful is their ability to stick to and […]