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Since 2002, we have been partnering in support of business leaders who want to focus on their core mission and leave important operational management systems to trustworthy external specialists.

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I found the PRIMUS accounting team to be intelligent, capable, dedicated, and personable finance professionalsKnowledgeable in their field and always made a point to explain their work, ideas, and projects in concise terms for the non-Finance professional. It was a pleasure working with them. – Jessica L. 

I would not have been able to succeed in building JustLeadershipUSA.com without the support of Primus Business Management. Period. End of story. – Glenn M. 

When working with PRIMUS they were reliable and detail-oriented colleagues. I relied on them to keep on top of my foundation’s grants and budget. They were reliable and courteous. – Michelle B. 

The PRIMUS leaders are extremely trustworthy, tremendously intelligent and routinely exercise good judgment. They are team players and consider everyone to be a member of the team. They are capable of handling several divergent personalities and simultaneous demands without being ruffled. When required to be firm and professional as the circumstances may demand, they can instantly adapt without pause. I reserve my highest recommendation. – Susan B.  

PRIMUS is a sharp and detail-oriented teamwhose primary focus is on the bottom line for their customers. They have a keen eye for managing details, maintaining a healthy balance sheet while preserving strategic objectives.               – Sharon R.  

The PRIMUS team is thorough, competent, effective and efficient. They put procedures in place to strengthen our financial practices and always completed all tasks on or before the requisite deadlines. They were a delight to work with – always professional while being a team player. I highly recommend them. – Dale B. 

PRIMUS Business Management are dependable and adept leaders, able to motivate any team to work at its highest capacityalso committed to serving the community equally as they serve their clients. – Simone C.  

PRIMUS is an asset; very diligent, hardworking, fair, concise, and great problem solvers. – Colette R. 

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PRIMUS Business Management is the only place you need to go to ensure your company’s entire back office is efficient and effective.

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