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Empowering People, Inspiring Causes HR Solutions Aligned with Nonprofit Goals

PRIMUS Business Management delivers tailored HR solutions crafted to maximize nonprofit workforce potential and attract top-tier talent. Our seasoned professionals have the expertise to enhance your company's human capital effectively and efficiently.

Standard Service

  • The HR Baseline merges vital HRM components: Compliance, Culture, and Consistency. It includes Employee Engagement, Labor Relations, Benefits, and Training. These are pivotal in modern HR strategies.

Recruiting and Staffing

  • Recruitment and Staffing are strategic in sourcing, evaluating, and onboarding talent. This process involves outreach, evaluations, interviews, and integration. A well-fitted hire elevates culture and propels mission success.

Human Resources Investigations

  • HR investigations are pivotal, ensuring a fair workplace by encompassing fact-finding, interviews, and resolution strategies. They safeguard culture and policies, reinforcing integrity and trust, essential in Strategic HR Management.

Benefits Management

  • In HR Management, Benefits are vital for talent retention, including healthcare, retirement, wellness, and flexible perks. Effective management aligns with goals, utilizes HR tech, and adapts to industry trends, enhancing culture and brand for talent acquisition.

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Our services do the work of C-suite executives at a fraction of the cost. This will allow your business to retain more talent and hire more efficient workers for your company. We’ll also ensure that every single employee, from c-suite personnel to new hires, complies with national, federal, and local standards.

What our Clients Say about PRIMUS!

Primus provided excellent Human Resource Management services that delivered great results every time and are affordable. The employees are incredibly helpful, always available for questions, and create a pleasant working atmosphere. They are a trustworthy and reliable service provider that we highly recommend. We are grateful for our partnership with Primus and look forward to continuing to work with them."

Nancy W- COO, Solar One

Primus Business Management provided us with comprehensive and effective Human Resource Management, Virtual CFO, Virtual CHRO, and Accounting services. Their employees are outstanding, always willing to go the extra mile, organized, and flexible. We saved time and money without sacrificing quality results, and Primus helped us streamline our processes. Working with Primus has been an absolute pleasure, and we highly recommend them as a trustworthy and client-focused service provider.

Kalilah M, Executive Director of Drive Change

As the Board Chair of Refoundry, I highly recommend Primus Business Management for their outstanding Human Resource Management and Accounting services. The services provided by Primus are affordable and efficient, and their employees are incredibly helpful, professional, and personable. Throughout two years of navigating difficult HR territory, Primus has been the calm in the storm, helping us communicate and do the right things while adhering to the best industry standards of compliance and accuracy.

Noelle C, Board Chair, Refoundry

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Strategic HR for Impactful Non-Profits Empowering Dynamic Teams Since Day One!

If you’re interested in letting us handle or enhance the HR functions of your company, reach out to us. We are more than happy to help you maintain an effective and satisfied workforce.