5 Common Accounting Mistakes Small Businesses Make (And How to Avoid Them) 

A person using a calculator while writing on paper

As a small business owner, accounting is one of the most critical aspects of your operation. Accounting can be challenging, especially if you need more formal training or experience. Common accounting mistakes can cause significant problems for small businesses, including cash flow problems, missed tax deadlines, and regulatory issues.   To help you avoid these pitfalls,…

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5 Steps to Successfully Implement an Effective Organizational Capacity Building Program 

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Organizational capacity building is essential for any organization that wants to remain competitive and successful. It involves developing the skills, knowledge, and resources of an organization’s staff to better meet the demands of their clients/customer base. However, implementing a successful program requires careful planning and execution.   This blog post will discuss five steps to implement…

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Top Tactics & Strategies for Successful Small Business Expansion 

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Small businesses play an essential role in the economy, accounting for a significant portion of job creation, two-thirds, to be exact, and 43.5% of the United States GDP. These small businesses provide goods and services to the local community and generate tax revenue that benefits their cities and states. However, despite the external benefits, many…

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