Profitability through Human Resources

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Most argue that human resource staff should be at the executive table doing all the firm’s hiring and strategic planning. Human Resource staff at as the gatekeeper of attaining and retaining top talent. Focusing resources on this misunderstood department is how we attain profitability through Human Resources. The primitive notion that human resource is merely…

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Cashflow Management

Money Management

Understanding cash flow, as well as cash flow management, is highly crucial to the success of small businesses. Business cash flow basically refers to cash – or cash equivalent – that comes into or goes out of your small business. Positive small business cash flow implies that your income from clients or customers is more…

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Reducing the Dependence on the Founder

Reducing Dependence on the Founder

Most business owners and founders often spend several decades building their establishments from the ground up. They devote nearly every single minute to their businesses by doing the following: Perfecting processes Building impressive customer relationships Recruiting, training, and re-training employees Developing culture Finding additional ways to boost revenue. In other words, no other person knows…

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