Born in Brooklyn...

2002 marked a beginning.  Janneh K. Wright, our founder and CEO, created JK Wright LLC as a way to leverage his newly minted degree.  He had interviewed for companies in the World Trade Center prior to graduating but after the acts of September 11th, he followed a new path.  He began with basic bookkeeping roles for local small businesses in Brooklyn, NY and found that he was making a difference but still saw the struggle these business owners were facing. 

He was also inspired to service to others, and began roles in Non-Profit organizations.  His knack for understanding business finances led him quickly to the top levels of business management but he always maintained his support and did work for the local business owners.  He learned of their pain points and worked to fix their issues, from insurance and invoicing to payroll and benefits.  

Even though he was only contracted to manage their books, clients would always call him with questions that ranged from setting up their website to employee issues.  When employees stopped showing up to work, clients would call Janneh to handle it.  That is when the idea of bringing multiple services in one place sparked.  Janneh began thinking about expanding his company to include functions outside of Accounting. 


He added a Human Resources facet and a Marketing arm and renamed the company to PRIMUS Business Management.  PRIMUS meaning FIRST in Latin, and Janneh wanted the company to remain the first place clients call no matter what their needs may be.  In order to provide clients with the best possible support, Janneh brought on talented professionals with knowledge and experience in their field.

Now almost two decade later, PRIMUS Business Management has grown to support startups, small businesses, and non-profits succeed by providing all the business essentials by a curated team of experts across all major business functions.  Janneh's model of "Always deliver more than expected" drives our team.  At PRIMUS, we leverage our knowledge of big business processes and taylor them for small business success.

The beginning successes of PRIMUS were all based on the relationships and trust.  That is why even through our growth, we maintain the COO model.  One touch point, one partner, for all your business needs.