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Dedicated to Helping Businesses Grow and Prosper

Since 2002, PRIMUS Business Management has supported business leaders who want to focus on their company’s core mission. We build capacity in organizations through the management of Accounting, Administrative Support, and Human Resouces.

Our Mission

To enhance the capacity of our clients by adding a high level of value that enables them to set new standards of excellence in their respective industries.

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What We're Doing

PRIMUS specializes in four core business functions: administration, accounting, business strategy, and human resources - all incorporate capacity building as a key aspect of our service offering.

Meet Our Founder

The year 2002 was the beginning of something excellent! Janneh K. Wright, our founder and CEO founded JK Wright LLC to leverage his newly minted degree.

Before graduation, he intended to interview for openings at the World Trade Center, but he took a different direction following the events of September 11th. In Brooklyn, he started with basic bookkeeping jobs for small local businesses and learned he was making a difference. However, he began to see the challenges these business owners faced.

Janneh’s ability to grasp corporate finance quickly led him to the top level of business management, but he still worked with the local small business owners and helped them. He learned of their pain points and worked to solve their issues. He was inspired to serve others and began to play significant roles in nonprofit organizations.

Janneh began thinking about expanding his business to include outsourcing functions. Clients called him with concerns ranging from employee issues to setting up their websites, though he was only contracted to manage their books. If an employee didn’t show up for work, clients would call Janneh to take care of it. That’s when it sparked the concept of bringing multiple services to one place.

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A New Chapter

To provide clients with the best possible service, Janneh brought in skilled professionals with knowledge and experience. He added human resources and marketing services to his offerings and renamed JK WRIGHT LLC to PRIMUS Business Management. PRIMUS means first in Latin, and Janneh wanted the business to remain the first place a client called for whatever their business needs might be.

Nearly two decades later, PRIMUS Business Management has evolved to support startups, small businesses, and non-profits in achieving success by providing business essentials.

Driving his carefully curated team of experts across all primary business functions is Janneh’s motto: “Always deliver more than expected.”

At PRIMUS, we leverage our knowledge of vast business processes and tailor that expertise to attain small business success! The early successes of PRIMUS were based on relationships and trust. That is why we retain the COO model even through our growth.

Creating a Better Business World

Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your business can thrive no matter what the market landscape demands. Reach out to our office today for a complimentary consultation. We are eager to hear from you.

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