Capacity Development Initiative

What It Is

If passion alone could run a business this world would be a much better place.  The PRIMUS Capacity Development Initiative (PCDI) was developed to remove the obstacle that causes many businesses to fail The common understanding is that businesses fail due to a lack of capitol.  We suggest looking deeper at what the lack of capitol represents.  The lack of capitol to many small businesses and struggling non-profits means a lack of knowledge-based resources needed to manage and run the business successfully. We are bringing both aspects to businesses that need it.  We provide the knowledge base resources at no cost to the organization. 

How It Works

We work with a nonprofit organization to raise tax deductible donations and leverage those funds to develop capacity in small businesses and non-profit organizations with a social justice mission for 3-6 months.  We help develop the infrastructure that would allow these mission driving organizations the ability to focus on their mission of change. 

How To Give

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